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We are #ukm-mendunia.foundation which was founded in 2020  as a foundation for the national movement in the field of social, economic, and education for the community in expanding the global market for national products based on digital technology and simple logistics by handling the needs of SMEs (Small and medium-sized enterprises) with the best service we provide. 

In this #ukm-mendunia, we know how to help customers who want to export goods easily without having used too many requirements (documents)  which useful to introducing local products to international markets.


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UKM Services

Gallery Shop

Gallery Shop serves as a place for goods owners to connect directly with buyers without any third party. The gallery shop also functions as a place for goods owners to showcase their product samples both online and offline.

Digital Logistic Export Training

Programs to assist producers in understanding export procedures in an integrated manner, both in terms of trade, customs, shipping, and banking, are accompanied by training, all of which are based on up-to-date regulations.

E-commerce Assistant

An e-commerce training program to support the use of a comprehensive and in-depth online business platform (marketplace) for anyone, especially for young people who have a desire to develop a business through the internet or wish to become online traders.

Cargo Center

A form of the cooperation program between #ukm-mendunia. foundation and lion parcel in helping goods delivery facilities (logistics) which have three types of couriers that can be used, namely international, domestic, and cargo couriers.

Digital Studio

A program to assist producers in contenting their products in the form of videography and photography to increase consumer attractiveness to marketed products so that product marketing can be broader.

Weaknesses of the common SMEs system in Indonesia

Many SMEs in Indonesia adhere to the same SME system so that no new innovations are created, it seems monotonous

Many SMEs product in Indonesia are identical to their parents, so that it has an impact on the limitations of the technology skills that are formed

The emergence of difficulties in each of its marketing so that it often loses competitiveness with other more advanced companies

Less attractive system of solicitation, promotion, and utilization of human resources, especially for millennials and GenZ

Only racing in the financial economy and buying and selling goods in marketing

Lack of creation of a wide scope of relations and partnerships both nationally and internationally

Will something like that happen in #ukm-mendunia.foundation?


why? Because...

We do not only focus on economic finance such as profit and loss and buying and selling products in marketing. We also provide a goods delivery facilities (logistics) export service both domestically and internationally.

We have an educational training program called UKM ACADEMY, where we will educate people about digital logistics export and e-commerce

At #ukm-mendunia.foundation invites and utilizes millennial and genZ youth to create a new system that is more innovative using existing technology and digital

The existence of even and widespread working relations in building cooperation, relations, and extensive partnerships with several national and international parties.

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